Saturday, September 24, 2011

Candy Dish Quilt Workshop

There is nothing more fun for a quilter than to get to sew for a full day with other quilters .....piles of fabrics, bags of equipment....rotary cutters, mats, rulers and the humming of Singer 201's all over the room.  BTW, we were commenting on the different sounds that come from each one.  They are charming little machines.  There was a group of 15 of us who spent the day with Heidi Kaisand, who many would know from her days as the past editor of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  I have heard her speak on several different occasions over the years and have always enjoyed her very approachable and friendly demeanor.  I had never taken a class from her so Monday was the day to take advantage of that opportunity.

She shared more of her personal life with us on Monday night during her lecture about what to do after the quilt top is done....all the decisions that should go in to finishing your piece for the best results.  I learned we have several things in common besides quilting and memory keeping.  She also has iris from her grandma and she boasts her own 2 cylinder John Deere tractor that she has driven on the Great Iowa Tractor Drive.  Although I don't have my own put-put tractor as I like to call them.  My dad has restored his 530 out in the machine shed and the Silver Fox drives it with the grand kids.  I love the sound of those old tractors and we usually go to the 2-Cylinder Club show in Waterloo if we can.

She taught a fun kaleidoscope block with repro 30's prints that is just charming.  We used a Marti Michell ruler that I had not used before and of course had to buy that, to add to the ever growing speciality ruler inventory.  I brought my basket full of vintage 30's and 40's fabric pieces to work out of.  I thought this quilt just lent itself to those scraps.

The only issues with this takes a lot more speed cutting here.  These all came from my Grandma K and/or Great-Grandma W.  Then I have another fairly large basket full of larger pieces and yardage with quite a few solids among them.

This ruler has great markings on it to make up to 8" blocks...prompts you as to what size strips to cut.  Since I am doing scraps, I just need 1 straight edge and am cutting one piece at a time.  :)  I am making the 5" block.

Then using the other edge of the ruler and adding another ruler, then taking away the Kaleidoscope ruler, you have the straight edge to cut the strip for the corner triangles.

Using the other point of the ruler then cut the corner triangles from the strip you just cut.  Very slick!!!  The only thing I would add .....I like to add tape to my rulers to mark the line I am working from, so my eye doesn't have to hunt for the line for each cut.

Here are the pieces I got cut during the workshop and was able to sew pairs together, 1 light to 1 dark.

I sewed a group of 4 together just to have for show and tell during the guild meeting.  Most of the triangle corners are missing.  I will need to do them from the design wall, as all the triangle squares must be the same do need to do some planning when I get a bunch of the blocks made.  I will keep you posted as I get farther into this project.

Heidi shared about a new venture that she is in the process of working on......Hen & Chick Studio.  She recently purchased the building in Conrad, IA where the General Store was located.  She has remodeled it and added a retreat center on the second floor to house up to 20 people with showers and kitchen area.  She told about making the quilts from her huge stash for all 20 of the beds.  The retail space is in the lower level will include quilt making supplies, fabric, scrapbooking supplies, & a long-arm machine, so you can hire someone to finish your pieces for you.  I have included her link below for those who want to hear about her opening and what is going on in her life.

Thanks, Heidi, it was a fun day!!!

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