Saturday, September 17, 2011

Autumn Still Life

 I have glass shelves above my kitchen sink.  So I  place some of my favorite things there to look at each day.  I just noticed the photographer in the pic.....ha!!  I did the cross stitch scarecrow several years ago and have him stuck in a mini bale of straw. Also a mini vintage turkey planter that I did an arrangement in and raised it up a bit with a piece of Jewel Tea.

I did the machine embroidered turkey last fall.....  stitched out two of them and reversed one so I could hook them together back to back with a dowel in between the layers and used a vintage spool of thread for a stand.  Another nest I found in the yard is placed in front of the Autumn book by Susan Branch.  If you have never heard of Susan Branch, you need to check out the link under my favorite blogs.  I have loved her books and art work since she wrote her first book maybe 20 years ago.  She hand writes and hand watercolors the pages, which are full of recipes, decorating ideas, quotes and pure wonderfulness.

My Jewel Tea dishes are straight from my Grandma K's cupboard to me.  She gave them to me when I was first married.  They had been her everyday dishes for many years and I remember eating from them as a kid.  I get them out in the fall to display and use for a couple months.

 I stacked the Jewel Tea dishes with a stack of Longaberger leaf plates all ready to serve.

My granddaughter and I went for a short walk the other day and found this "flower" in the ditch.  I don't know what it is, maybe goldenrod???  Anyway we picked a handful of it and put it in this vase.  The color has dulled some, but it looks like it will dry beautifully.  The vase is very old.....from Great Grandma W.....used one of my fall quilts as a table covering and a cross stitch sampler from 1980.  That is probably considered vintage..... isn't that special!!!

I really like using various/ interesting containers and doing arrangements in them.  This wooden barrel has been all over the house.  I put it some where different every year.  I used another fall leaf quilt on the table with a couple vintage books.

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