Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Quilts

This little half square triangle scrap quilt is very sweet.  I did this one several years ago and it is hand quilted.

I recently watched a quilt video where several techniques were shared in using vintage linens to incorporate into your quilt pieces.  One of my favorite tips was using pieces of lace on the back of your quilts to make a casing with which to hang them with.  I loved this idea.....since I have boxes and boxes of vintage lace and linens.  So I went digging and found this collar set....I used one half of it on this piece.  What a nice little surprise...like a piece of jewelry... for the back of the quilt.

This little cutie patootie is from a recent online challenge from Kathleen Tracy.  She has written several books based on historical type doll quilts, while incorporating historical diaries and writings from the appropriate time-period.  Here is her website to check out her books and her blog as well.  I have taken a class from her and am anticipating another fun weekend next February when she comes back to Iowa  for a quilt retreat at our local Grout Museum.

I did machine quilt this little piece.  I love using the special stitch on my sewing machine that looks like a hand stitch...a great affect without the effort.  I also used a leftover piece of binding to finish the edge and included the other collar piece of lace for the casing.  Nice touch, don't you think.  :)
I like to collect label type fabrics of all different varieties when I see them.  This one looks like it has been ink with sepia tone ink.  I used some fine tip permanent fabric markers to hand color it and then wrote my info all around the outside of the design.

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ferne said...

I really like your lace hanging idea! Do you let the lace show when you hang it or is it sewed at the bottom like a rod pocket? I was just in Des Moines a few weeks ago at the AQS Quilt show and then visited relatives in Kalona. I was born in Iowa City and somehow worked my way to Northern California, but I felt like I had come home and really enjoyed the trip. Good to find your blog!