Thursday, October 20, 2011

Play Purse

What a cutie dear Cora, who just turned 8 last weekend.  Here she is holding her play purse I made for her.  She has been a purse girl, even since she was old enough to carry something.  She doesn't pack light either.  Everything from toys, stuffed animals, mirrors, combs, money if she has any, books, keys and anything else she can cram into one.  You get the picture.

 I have had these designs for quite awhile and had showed them to Cora at one point and she wanted it yesterday and would ask me if I was working on it.  I had no idea when I started this project that it would literally take me weeks and weeks to complete.  Mind you I was not working on it 12 hours a day.  But there were several days when one hooping would take a whole afternoon.  So this project is not for the "slam it out" mindset.  Notice her initials and flower key ring.....
 This is the back of the purse with cell phone and lip gloss pockets.
 Credit cards and money pockets
 All the beauty products....mirror, file, lotion and hand sanitizer.
 Driver's License with her picture and name, ipod, and sunglasses
Here you can see all the accessories....they are all finished front side and back.  I found a picture of Abe Lincoln to add to the $100 bill.  Let's just say this stuff is stinking cute.....And BTW, Kate Anne was here the other day and saw me working on this.....I could just see where this was going.....Kate says.....I want a play purse too, I am screaming inside.....NOOOOOOO.  Oh sweet, Moses.....her b-day is next August.  I better start NOW.

Here is the link to find this set.


Bonnie said...

Wow -- this is so cute. and, owned by a cutie also. Your hard work looks like it has a young fan for sure. Thanks for sharing. Bonnie/Va.

ferne said...

That is quite a project and not just an ordinary bag for sure!