Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bathroom Transformation

We started working on our bathroom in June and it is finally finished this week after my dad installed the new cabinet door fronts and hardware.  I forgot to take pictures before we started, but we had mauve colored carpet with tile in front of the stool on the floor and white with rose flowered wallpaper.  This all started because one of the grand kids peeled off part of the wallpaper while they were sitting on the throne...bored I guess.  Not to say it did not need updating because it did.  The timing just wasn't great because of the Silver Fox working full time and going to school full time.....not much time for a remodel job.

But since he was unable to get into his class this past summer it gave us a window of time to work on it and my dad offered to reface the cabinets for us.  So we spent a chunk of our summer looking like we were on one of those renovation reality shows.  I can't say I know how to do much of anything, but I knew how I wanted it to look....  But needed the Silver Fox and Dad to execute the plan.  They did a great job.  As my husband put it....we would not get paid for piece work, because it took us a long time to do everything.  But we persevered and the results are wonderful.
This shows my cabinets in the kitchen which were what they looked like in the bathroom.

Transformed into these maple cabinets.....what a change.....Dad did a great job and they are stunningl.

Here is the light fixture and the top of the mirror.  The mirror was part of my grandparents wedding bedroom set.   I  never had a spot for it until now.

The pictures were in our bedroom, also from my Grandma K., but seemed to fit better here after I repainted the frames.  She always had these hung in her bedroom.

New bath mat and flooring.

A piece of hardanger I stitched a long time ago.....I want to change the pics of my girls from their HS graduation to pics of them on their wedding day.  A project for another day.  The shell night light is from my Grandma T.  They bought it on a road trip to California in the 1940's.  

The counter top and cabinets.

I had no intention of hanging the pic of my Great-Grandma S. in the bathroom, except the frame matches the mirror and light fixture finishes perfectly.  I couldn't have planned that any better.  So I get to enjoy Emma every day in my mirror.

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